Below are several time lapse "movies" and pop-up photos showcasing just a small handful of the different types of equipment moving, relocation and deinstall-reinstall projects we have performed.
The clips will automatically run in order once the PLAY button is pushed and you may advance the clips forward with the button above.

A 70-ton transformer that had to be moved out of the manufacturing plant and loaded onto a specialized trailer was handled with care by the LTR crew.  Utilizing our Heavy Duty forklift to move it into position, our Gantry Lift System took over to load it onto the trailer.  This coordination of equipment is an LTR specialty.  We are equipped to do  what ever is necessary on any job. When a job presents an unusual shaped piece of equipment to move, LTR has the expertise and equipment to handle it.  Here is a expansion joint for the Manhattan Bridge that had to be lifted onto a specialized trailer.  
It measured 40’ l x 8’ w x 2’ h and weighed 40 tons.  It was no problem for our Gantry Lift System to handle. A cumbersome tank was no problem for the LTR crew this day.  Utilizing special long forks on our heavy duty forklift made this job quick and easy. LTR used a 12.5-ton forklift to offload a kiosk from a flatbed truck and place on a pad at the Rainbow Bridge at the Canada-USA border. LTR accommodated the Bridge Commission by completing the job within their time frame and without disturbing bridge traffic. When called upon to move a 60-ton press during a whole-plant move, LTR  utilized the expertise of its rigging department to the fullest.  
The press is first lifted through the roof  of the old plant with a 350-ton crane, transported to the new location the up righted with our Gantry Lift System and lowered into its new base with our 60-ton forklift.  During this 3-day job, LTR repeated the process many times until all the press equipment was safely in the new plant. Moving a CNC machine can be a delicate operation.  It has to be moved carefully to avoid any damage. LTR off-loaded and set this machine into place with minimal downtime and no damage at all. Another CNC machine that had to be off-loaded, moved into position, and then lowered into a pre-poured concrete pit.  LTR brought the proper equipment and was in and out in one day. LTR moved an entire plant with 40+ machines in the summer of 2007.  Great care had to be taken with each machine.  LTR handled all aspects of the move from dismantling through placement in the new plant. Offloading and rigging in a turret punch machine is an easy task when you are properly equipped.  Here, two LTR boom forklift trucks lift a machine off a trailer and get ready to place it in position.  You can count on LTR to handle you machines with great care and skill. Laying over a 30-ton press was no problem for our heavy duty forklift.  This type of delicate procedure takes experience and skill, both of which LTR brings to every job. The St Louis Zoo called on LTR to move its massive sculpture “Animals Always” by renown metal artist Albert Paley.  The sculpture is the largest metal sculpture at any zoo in the United States and consists of over 60 animals and plants. LTR organized 14 tractor-trailer loads to move the pieces from Attica, NY to St. Louis where they were assembled to form the finished sculpture.

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